The primary mission of the Climate and Environmental Modeling Research Group at the University of Connecticut (Department of Natural Resources and the Environment), directed by Dr. Richard Anyah, is to use physical models to study the dynamical and physical processes associated with regional climate and environmental variability and changes. As such the primary research areas include, but not limited to: (i)  land-atmosphere interactions  and influence on regional climates, (ii) Land use/cover changes, impacts and linkages to regional hydro-climatic changes and extremes, (iii) dynamical downscaling of climate scenarios for regional  vulnerability, impacts and adaptation assessments,(iv) coupled interactions between climate and non-climate drivers of food-energy-water security in sub-Saharan Africa

About me

Professor Richard Anyah is an Atmopsheric Scientist, who specializes in regional climate and climate change modeling. He also studies climate-human-ecosystem interactions in the context of impacts, vulnerablity and adaptation options of different natural and managed ecological systems to climate variabiliy and changes. He employs coupled climate-hydrologic modeling systems to investigate physical and dynamical mechanisms driving these interactions, feedbacks and consequent changes.

Awards and honors

  • Member, World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Scientific Advisory Panel(SAP): July 2021-
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Committee (Climate Research for Development-CR4D): 2016-
  • Al Geib Professorship in Environmental Engineering Research and Education award: 2013-2016
  • Member, World Climate Research Program on Global Energy and Water Exchanges Experiment (GEWEX) Scientific Steering Group (SSG): 2013-2016
  • Member, World Climate Research Program, Climate Variability and Predictability :Variability of African Climate Systems(CLIVAR-VACS) Panel: 2006-2011

Contact Us

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Address: 1376 Storrs Road, Unit 4087
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